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GOP War Room
– Even CNN is fact-checking President Joe Biden’s false claim that he lowered the deficit and how it is “bizarro world,” during a segment on CNN’s “New Day” with Brianna Keilar and John Berman on 5/9/2022.

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When your own bought and paid for network starts kicking your ass on a daily basis it’s time to acknowledge failure.

And the debt keeps climbing higher and higher.

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  1. when cnn starts going against the democrats the democrats are in serious trouble.

    CNN was the vanguard of anti republican anti conservative and anti trump made of facts story telling news. They would twist the facts then draw a conclusion and then build the story to match their conclusion. For people who knew the real story it was sickening. for liberals is was a joyful assurance that their hate was justified. This CNN behavior probably gave the democrats 10% of the election votes. It certainly gave them a large volume of mindless droids to use in protests and riots.

    Now cnn is going anti biden. That is a serious threat to the democrats.


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