Elon Musk & Trump, It’s Happening!!!


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Russell Brand
– Elon Musk has said he’d let Donald Trump back on Twitter – but would Trump even come back, and what does this mean for free speech and potentially for the 2024 election?

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I’m fine with Trump on Twitter. I find it scary when people only want to hear from those who reinforce their own world view. I enjoy discussions with people with opposing views. It helps me to understand others which is never a bad thing. Thanks Russell for your channel. It’s greatly needed and appreciated.

You know we’re in dark times when the idea of revoking free speech is being debated seriously

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  1. The thing to remember about electric Musk is that he is a democrat and was once championed by the democrat party, until Musk decided that the dummycrats were too much like communist in denying free speech to people who disagree with the dummycrat party. But Trump should take the offer and go back on Twitter. This would show if electric Musk is really interested in true free speech or not.


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