Duke Volleyball Player MADE IT ALL UP???



The term: “RACISM” has been rendered utterly meaningless by people like this.

This girl should go to the Jussie Smollett college of race grifting instead of Duke University


  1. If proven she made this accrusation and it was untrue, Duke should kick her off the volleyball team. She should also be put on probation at Duke.

  2. Probation?? They should expel her and someone kick her ass for spreading this garbage! If the truth be known there are a lot of Blacks, and Whites that really profit spreading this RACIAL LIE! They actually want “RACISM”! You can not fool 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, Ultra MAGAN that wants equality and a peaceful hard working America, that wants, closed borders, America Energy Independence, Illegals sent back to where they crossed the border, Law and Order, a Federal death Penalty, Honest elections for all PARTY’S with the death penalty for PROVEN Cheating to change the outcome of a Federal election, Bible put back in Federal Offices, Schools. Three Felony’s, one which includes murder and or death, Drug Sellers “PROVEN” automatic death penalty within three months after conviction and put on PPV!!!!! Strong Military and BUST China’s Ass, declare our debt paid in full because of the “CHINA VIRUS”!! Take Soro’s and all his family out for his Declared attack on America and anyone holding public office that has received payment from him thrown out of the position they hold never allowed to run again for any public office, local or federal!!! 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriot, Ultra MAGAN that has had enough and ready to right the ship NOW! Red, Yellow, Black, White ready to join the fight to take all these Traitors, Dems and Yellow Back Republicans to the Train Station and out of town!!

  3. Face it , its a “made up” culture with made up Holidays, made up words, made up names … OMG.. so many weird names. They decry segregation and yet are the world’s biggest promotors of it. You NEVER hear of the White Mayors Association, but you’d better keep your mouth shut about the AA Mayors, or Nurse, or any other EXLCUIONARY association. Race is a one way street that they have shoved down the throats of those who support, feed, care for and educate them, and WE idiots buy into it… What would they call it if a white person did what they do????? You figure it out.. We are sick and tired of it and THEM..

  4. Someone must step forward and stop this kind of lying that some people will still believe when it’s proven to be false (lie) and thus we all must ask DUKE to be the one to start the stopping of this by Kicking this Liar out of their University which will make the next LIAR think twice before doing something this despicable.

  5. Permantly ban her from all colleges and associated sports. Plus her mom/grandmother should get 90 days in jail. Never to attend any of the college campuses. This is why thong are what they are? Harsh punishment is the only way to put a stop to this. Provoking BYU to ban an innocent man for racist accusations.

  6. She has lied. Thankfully Brandon has called her out along with a couple of others. Thank God for Brandon. Thankfully an investigation was reviewed and it was untrue. We can not allow people like her to affect out fellow Americans.

  7. it will take defamation suits to stop this nonsense. Make the liars pay is the only way. And by the way, who is the racist here?

  8. of course she did. we saw this same thing 25 years ago when a black duke student claimed to have been raped by the la cross team. Ended up that after months of keeping the boys out of school, taking away their scholarships that the black girl made to whole thing up.

    These are hate crimes that are intended to keep black victim hood alive and pretend the crimes of 200 years ago still exist in america. These types of crimes are designed to bring hate, violence and special rights for blacks. The perpetrators should get life in prison.

  9. i totally agree with my fiancee–very good retort Lames Hunt!! and correct conclusion to a racist like the human. he . she, they ,IT whatever the idiotic new daily woke politically correct marxist words to describe themselves today !


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