‘Do I Sign This Order Now?’: Biden Seeks Permission On Own Legislation


Joe Biden has looked off camera to ask a member of his staff if he can “sign this order now” while he was announcing an executive order that would ensure further access to safe abortions across the country.SHOW LESS


There is a real commander there!! What a price the entire world is paying for no more mean tweets. Gee Thanks.

Shame on anyone who voted for him.


  1. Heh Stupid court said people in their state set the rule. Can this idiot really know what he is doing if it isn’t on a teleprompter.

  2. And your going to tell this clown, got more votes 81,000,000, than any other candidate ever,bullshit. He is the clown and circus all in one. It’s time for this dementia,patient to be removed from office,not only is he unfit to lead,he is a danger to America and our national security, and our allies.

  3. Once again Biden makes a move for the liberals this one I don’t fully apricate women can go anywhere they want to kill their fetus this EO makes no sense to me

  4. As an independent voter, who votes the issues, not the person running, I believe that we need to set an AGE limit on anyone who runs for this office. A mayor of Podunk, Nowhere….. who cares? Or maybe they should.. Pete Arredondo, the “hero” sheriff of Uvalde, Texas fiasco was ELECTED.. Sort of like a high school class president. Elections are a joke based on anything but qualification….. He had a line of bullshit and was popular. Qualified? HELL NO. The leader of the once most powerful nation on earth,,?, uhhh. Only 3 things necessary to run. OMG… It takes more for me to get a drivers license… They only need to be over 35 yrs old, A natural born citizen and have resided here for 14 years.. We need to rethink who we allow to have access to the ” nuclear launch button” What makes anyone out there believe that the party of one’s choice can fend off dementia? Lets see, is it safer to be red or blue? It is pervasive in older adults , for whatever reason.. Poor diet, hardened arteries, injury, mini-strokes.. Who is to say? So when up on the old high horse, and beating down Sleepy Joe, keep in mind the ages of ALL who are bidding for the Cat-bird seat to run America. I don’t like Joe, but come on.. use some common sense. Take a look at Congress. It is hard put to discern them from a gathering at Bingo Night at the nursing home. We are facing issues that they have little experience dealing with.. TECH… tech everything. We are sliding into a new age. A sad age, a lawless age… Oh no , wait… We DO have laws, just no one willing to grow a set and enforce them… Welcome to the brave new horror story of how we are losing our land to the Chinese ( who are buying farms), Russia, who is impeding the export of grain from the Ukraine, who supply FORTY percent to the world supply. We have become unsustainable as an independent nation and yet our leaders over the last thirty years? Reality show horn dog, faux P.C. narcissists… Good luck, fellow Americans

  5. America won’t last another 2 years under this guy!!!! Does anyone else see this? And no one is accountable for anything…

  6. It’s time that we look more closely at the younger generation applying for top political posts. We need fresh blood, whether Republican or Democrats.

  7. Some Americans for the mighty dollars, no only sell land to the Communist China, they sell the country as well. This administration is an arm of the China dictator. Shame of the stupid who voted for him.


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