Congress ERUPTS As Rand Paul CRITICIZES The Democrats


Watch! Rand Paul Gets up and criticizes the entire Democrats in congress


Back in the 1800s people were a lot smarter. Everybody thinks we have much more technology and intelligence today but rarely do I see someone really looking at the bottom line. The dumbing down of the American public, being educated by teachers and professors pushing political agendas has all but destroyed our country.

Great speech but the ones he is speaking to will keep doing what they are doing spending taxpayers money.


  1. Your right,Jes, these radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,dumbocrap commies need to removed from office, before America can ever be America again.In fact, they are the enemy of the working class, always trying to screw us with more taxes,green new deal bullshit,that will never work.

    • You disparage the marxist, but wasn’t it Lenin who called democracy the enemy of the working class? It would be interesting to see what would happen if people pay no taxes, destroy the environment, etc. It would be interesting to hear from you the alternatives if the matters you mention are forbidden.

  2. Kentucky clown #2 whining while he screams for money for flood damage to be funded by ALL Americans! His constituents, intellectually challenged as a direct consequence of his states underfunded educational system placing them near the bottom of the list nationally, continue to vote for him. Not a surprise that those who know him, consider him a moron and dislike him, starting with all his neighbors.

  3. Rand Paul delivered a Great Speech but it feel on Deaf Ears. As long as Deaf Ear DemoRats are still in Congress and in America there will be No Change.

  4. Rand Paul gave a great truthful speech. The Dems like to spend, spend, spend. They are fools, as are MANY republicans. People are so shallow, they don’t care about these things only until it personally affects them! If they get some stupid $300 check from the government, they are happy. Can’t see past their noses!

    • What is really sad is that these “shallow” people have no idea that ‘their personal part’ of America’s debt already exceeds $250,000, and that’s for every man, woman, and child!


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