CNN Host Loses It When Conservative Calmly Points Out Simple Facts


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of CNN’s Jim Acosta arguing with former head of DHS Chad Wolf. Chad clearly lays out why any election fraud, no matter how small, should be addressed. Acosta simply mocks Wolf’s push for election integrity and resorts to insults as Wolf continues to calmly state undeniable facts about the 2020 election.


These are the facts, Jack. This is why CNN’s ratings are in the tank.

For years all we heard was that Trump’s election was illegitimate and now the elections are perfect.


  1. Save the planet, FIRE Acosta! This CNN “host” fails to understand that interviewing is a two-way street with the hosts’ biases under wraps always!

  2. I can’t believe that Acosta hasn’t been fired for being so F’n arrogant and so one sided that your wrong and he’s right, he’s the problem with CNN !!!

  3. The problem with CNN, MSNC and ALL the news media is that they have no middle ground. Tell me. Where and when in life did you get everything you want, need and think you deserve? In your job, your marriage, you education. Me? NEVER, but we demand equity, compromise and fairness in a world gone off the rails due to fringe special interest groups who have been allowed to take over society… How the hell did this happen? .. How? The terms mentioned above have been obliterated in favor of “diversity”, “pronouns”, and gawd save us all ???? WOKE……

  4. I bet Brian Stelter never thought he’d get axed. Acosta will no doubt share the same fate, as the new CEO has even said he’s going to make other ‘changes’ and more will be losing their jobs at CNN. Next up Don Lemon-head.

    • Nah!! Lemon-aids checks too many WOKE boxes. cnn get caught being homophobic, racist, transphobic, imbecilephobic,……………..


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