BREAKING: Jill Biden SLIPS – Accidentally Reveals Who The REAL Commander In Chief Is!



Could you imagine the press if Melania was as much a presence as Jill?
Only an idiot wouldn’t know that Obama never left The Hill.

Calling Jill a Dr Is as ridiculous as calling Joe a president


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  2. Jellyballs Joe is in charge of NOTHING. Just like towards the end, Regan’s Alzheimers gave control to Nancy. Well, Joey is on the downhill slide and it is obvious by her dragging him around by the hand, pushing him, trying to hush him, that he is mentally and physically unfit. He wont last 2 more years, let alone run again… The Dems need to get their asses in gear and find someone to run. He will never make it. He will fall, or have a stroke or his hardening of his arteries in his brain will progress. Just look at videos of him 4 years ago compared to now. Massive difference. He is failing and aging before our eyes and yet we parade him out in front of heads of state of other countries.. They are laughing their asses off at what we rely on to lead the USA. The walking dead.

  3. I read “Dr.” BinBidens thesis back when that was an issue. I also read Micheal Obama’s thesis. They both write at a fifth grade level. It is ridiculous to think that either one of them could possibly lead this country. Together they don’t have a 40 IQ.


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