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BlazeTV – Biden just went on a DERANGED rant about “ultra MAGA republicans” that left everyone questioning if his mind was still working…at all.

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He’s trying soooooooo hard to read that teleprompter as accurate as possible.

“That’s an exaggeration” no Joe, that’s called a “Lie”

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  1. This senile,racist,frail,old,puppet,fool, is a total loony=tune, he isn’t fit for the job, and needs to be removed, for his total incompetency, this joker is out of touch with reality, and a danger to America. He doesn’t have a clue what he is doing, and is just a total failure, he creates one crisis after another and blames everyone else. He needs to be taken out with the 25th amendment, he is incompetent to do his job.he isn’t in control of anything,but our country wants him gone.

    • Really? Is that the best you can do? When President Trump was in office we did NOT have these issues. This Cheatin Joke of a puppet for President is the laughing stock in the world!

    • Just remember when you get to the polls, what an ass hole this EVIL, Weak, senile, racist, frail, old brown nosed puppet, fool, is not alone in this fiasco. The entire Administration is the same way. Remember voting for even just one of these DemocRATS is evil! We all know what kind of people they are! Nov 2022 is when we take the house back, the senate and our WH!

  2. The question is “Will Joe Biden ever stop telling lies to the American people”? I’m pretty sure that the answer is NO. Here’s the thing. How much money did we spend in Afghanistan for all these years and we survived. But give Joe 16 months and he brings us to our knees and then won’t take any responsibility for it. Can we last two and a half years? Hope so.

    • Once we take the house and the senate, they will not be able to get anything passed! We will have majority! This is saving America, and you democrats need to smarten up! Republicans are trying to save this country, so let’s not make any big mistake and vote for any Democrats! EVER!

    • Oh Not Hardly! (If You think the last year was bad? Well just Waite and see the shit show I have planed for the next 2!) Joe Biden end quote!

    • I some what agree with you, but sometimes his stupid nonsense is so stupid I can’t help but laugh. Example, he had no idea what Lets Go Brandon meant and he even started saying it himself!

    • He is the most hated President we have ever had, and since we know what Obama is trying to destroy this country, please make sure that he never has anything to do with our politics

  3. Hahahahahahahaha, every time I see and hear this loser I recall my visits to Memory Care and dementia units. The fucking joker needs safety locks on the doors and toilets. No clue what he says, blames or thinks what works. Life long political turd. Been full of shit for so long he can’t keep down what shoots out his diarrhea hole.

  4. Can’t he understand that we are frustrated with alright? We are frustrated with all he is doing to destroy The United States. Please, Joe, alleviate our frustration by resigning. That’s the only way we can survive.

    • That is the plan! And it started with Obama! Obama has always hated the USA, and he stated that in his college Thesis, and so did MOOChelle ! Their Thesis was based on ” How much they hated America” He tried to destroy us in 2008-2016 and he did not succeed, so his brown nosed puppet was ” Placed ” in the WH for Obama 3.0
      Obama’s plan is to destroy this country! And Congress is letting it happen. They need to get Biden out, and put Obama in jail for treason, as well as Soros!

  5. There is a 25th amendment to our Constitution. Biden is a excellent example of why it should be invoked. If the Congress had an ounce of courage and backbone they would rid us of this pestilence.

  6. What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons to public office that dishonor their oath of office and lie to Congress? What can anyone say about elected or appointed persons who betray their office by being corrupt,taking money from communist China or others have their office position conflicted or compromised by selling out their Country for personal gain? Any one who profits or gains from his betrayal of public office should have to pay back all personal gain and profits or assets from this treasonous act against their Country. Impeachment should just be the beggining to a process of restitution. These traitors should see jail for their crimes of personal gain against the united States of America.

  7. Biden is right in one way . we are now ultra maga’s . What he isn’t say is , how he made us this way to combat all the corruption of the delusional democrats in office . Could you imagine how bad things would really be if us ultra magas didn’t fight back in any manner ??? We would be bending a knee to China and Russias rules right about now if we didn’t fight back . If only joe had half a brain left he might try saving the country instead of letting the puppet government run things into the ground . It’s not hard to see who the puppet government is , their the ones saying Biden is doing a great job … for them … their the ones making millions from our tax dollars and inside trades . Funny how Martha Stuart was sent to jail for that , yet the democrats that did this weren’t . Shows how different our laws are for everyone . Depending who and how rich you are . Guess that why the democrats are trying to keep us in our places , and away from theirs .

    • He was no “placed ” to try and save this country, he was placed to help destroy it! Any one who feels that Biden is doing a great job, are the brain dead DemocRATS who are too stupid for words!

  8. Who is against “Making America Great”. It can only be someone who wants another Country and their philosophy to rule the World.


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