Beautiful Mystery Woman Takes The Mic From Trump, What She Says Will Give You Chills



President Trump is our first leader to actually help Americans not just talk about it in speeches.

What an incredible story! God bless that young lady! And thank you President Trump for your help in helping her keep her life!


  1. Well, that was scripted, an OK story, but here we go again… Reality TV, the Apprentice, Performance Art… Donnie needs to back off of this theater and get to the meat. We are dying as a nation…. She has a point to be made, but not on this stage, not in this crucial time. Maybe she should make the rounds of the FOX News nation shows. Donnie needs to get out of reality and get REAL

    • Poor Poor markey

      you just hate it that Trump was 100% better then obama and 500% better then biden don’t. Trump did that with no prior experience at all while Obama had a life time of local politics and soros backing him. Biden had 50 years of corrupt politics behind him. yet there both of them were: complete phuc ups.

      There is a huge difference between a democrat and an american. democrats lie about everything, ignore all leftist failing, ignore all scientific reality and cling to 100 year old ideas that were either solved or failed 50 years ago.

      Real Americans care about each other and common success.

      you are clearly a democrat Markey.

      • Shhh, you may upset Marky and cause him/her to blow a gasket. Facts are not good for Demons. This must have been 3/4 years ago.

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  3. Well read Markey’s comment above, you know this bumpkin is a Democrat and voted for Obama and Biden.

    Trump is the only President that fought for America and American Citizens of all parties

  4. When deciding to vote, LISTEN to all the candidates and then LOOK at what they have accomplished. There will be many presidential candidates in 2024 but only ONE that did what he said he was going to do. He made promises and he kept them. He has a POSITIVE accomplishment record. I personally wouldn’t want to go play golf with him or go to dinner with him, and I cringe sometimes when he says some out-of-character stuff but when it comes to who I want to lead our country, it’s Donald Trump. I feel safer, more comfortable with a real leader at the helm.

  5. It’s gonna take another Trump presidency to get out of the damn mess O’Biden got us in- if it doesn’t happen -WE’RE ALL FUCKED TOTALLY!!! SCREW YOUR PARTY! time to survive–not keep ass wipes in charge!

  6. Markey is just a meek little communist probably with ties to Hunter Biden for his disillusional comments that were made in his ridiculous statements above. Trump is the only one so far that has kept his word on what he was going to do. The whole reason the demon rats like idoit Markey boy there don’t want him back in office is simple. He will expose them for what they are. Swamp, cesspool creatures. That about sums it up.

  7. You obviously didn’t listen Markey. It was an example of the honor and integrity of DJT. The lesson to learn here is “say what you mean and mean what you say”. That’s why the career politicians don’t like him because he is a businessman not a politician. Exactly what we need!!! Run this country like the business that it is. In case you still don’t get it Markey I’ll say it so you can. Trump saved her and many like her with his no nonsense and America first ideals. Get it now!!! Trump good Biden bad. Get it now, dumb ass.

  8. @Markey, are you better off with BIDUMBASS paying more for groceries, gas, taxes, and has your bank account gone way down like many hard working Americans? Name ONE good thing BIDUMBASS has done for you. To some, party identity is more important than what they do for the country. You got guts Markey to comment only to be embarrassed.


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