ALL Portland Walmart Locations Are Closing For THIS Obvious Reason!



Either criminals pay for their crimes or everyone else does. This is just sad.

It’s honestly hard to feel bad. The only people I feel for are those who follow the law and fight against this. As for the rest, you reap what you sow.


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  2. Democrat/liberal ideals desultory everything they touch. if youvote democrat you are the problem. There is no limit to the amount of damage and destruction the democrats will cause.

    Did you know California made it legal for adults to have sex with 14 year old children and decriminalized sex with children under 14 as long as the children consent.

    Biden’s child molesting behavior is the norm for the democrat party.

    Take your children to Disneyland and get the legally raped. what a fun summer vacation!

    Say thank you to your liberal / democrat neighbors for these wonderful Utopian ideas.

  3. I think it is funny as hell hell with Portland they can all live on their Summer of Love that’s all Portland Oregon needs is just love they can all live on each other’s love and homosexuality and transgenderism they don’t need food or laundry soap they’re all disgusting fucks that live there and please stay there and starve to death

  4. Why stop at Portland? All of western California and Seattle should also lose ALL their stores. Throw in New York City area, too. Any place that allows antifa/BLM wimps to steal and damage private property without ANY consequences, at some of these places the local politicians even encourage it, deserves to have no economic activity.

  5. Good for Walmart. I hope every business in that Democrat cesspool city, shuts down and moves entirely out of the state of Oregon.

  6. Lets be real. It would be smart to move to online shopping and away from store fronts. I worked in retail long time. And watched many crazy things. Poor, not poor, democrat, republican. A lot of different groups steal and damage things. The amount of loss is insane. And no matter what you do the theft tactics change. So nothing matters. Smart business choice to be honest. It’s terrible for people and convenience. But honestly thieves and people damaging stuff care about none of that.


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