Woke College Student Stunned When She Hears This



When they get backed in a corner with honest questions that ask for simple honest answers, and they can’t even give them, out comes the animosity.

These poor young kids have been brainwashed to not care about their future babies.


  1. LOL!!! This stupid woman is proof that college is a waste of time and money. I bet the dumb tramp is majoring in trans gender studies. I’ll bet that she ends up on welfare with several children because there’s no job market for a stupid education and a degree that’s only good for wiping your ass on. The clump of cells will suddenly become living beings because she’ll figure out the more children she has the more welfare she’ll get. And to think she’s going to college for that.

  2. This is a debate that has gone on from the beginning of time. It is a non win-able argument. It has us by the throat, and has not to do with “choice’, but the options to carry out that choice. If a woman has made the choice to do “it”, then the way it is done is the issue, once again. This generation did not invent sex, pregnancy , abortion, infidelity, rape, incest, so the debate will never end. Abortion will continue, openly or underground, as it has for centuries. So…………. keep on steppin’

    • Your statements are pretty much true but the world today is pushing for all of that to continue even it is against God. Tell me do you believe in murder just because a person can’t or wont protect them selves from having kids? Don’t look now but murder in any form is against the law of God and the constitution. So Markey if your answer is yes then you are anti God and a traitor to this country.

  3. I have been saying for a long time that these woke idiots next step is their abortion is ok up until the kid is five or six I’m case the mother changes her mind or the father left or it isn’t what they thought it would be or the new bf doesn’t want kids. Idiots…

    • I bet their stand would change quickly if as soon as they had their baby murdered they where also murdered because they where no longer needed and because the had committed murder. Guess none of these stupid kids ever studied history about WWII and what Hitler did just prior the the war in his own country. Wake up children history repeats.
      Old saying ” you can’t fix stupid” and I will add you can’t fix democrats, same thing really.

  4. Snotty redhead bitch. Feel sorry for any guy can put up with her long enough to marry her. Can you imagine the daily bitch a thon from her about how you somehow once again didn’t live up to her whatever. Poor fella!

  5. U wonder why they even go to college,they never learn anything, because they just want to party, and screw off. But this red headed witch, was proof what ignorance looks like.They go to college to learn,but not these ridiculous, nin=com=poops,their minds have been poisoned,with indoctrination of stupidity.

  6. Gotta love that Prof on the stage ! Life does NOT begin at birth,…. Life begins at conception,…. and YOU and your ” Right to commit murder ” are selfish,…. if you do Not want a baby,…. get a Towel and protect life,…. or do NOT be a WHORE, and if you per-chance End up pregnant because you ARE a WHORE,…. give that baby up for Adoption by Some couple who cannot have a child, But Dearly want them,…. and I have two Daughters who cannot have children, One because she is a Combat veteran, and the Other due to a Deformity,…. and a Daughter and a son who have children,…. and also I have 8 grand children and six great-grandchildren,…. I just might know of whence I speak whereas,…. you Lil-Red do not, nor do your Ilk,…. you are just a squirrel trying to find a Nut,…. or in your case bust a nut !

    • Right on Rick. Life DOSE begin at conception. Their right to commit murder is selfish and ILLEGAL. Then in Biden’s nation ILLEGAL is legal as is murder. They will all pay in the end when the come face to face with God. The correct choice is protection. I to have children. The eldest can not have kids and did adopt one. The other two had 5 combined. Wonder where these deranged fools would be if their mothers thought like them. Gee, I bet they would not be here.

  7. The obvious reason this emotionally challenged and science denying woman stands afoot to argue her position is her so called pro-choice mother chose to not abort her.


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