Wait! Now They’re Pushing Pfizer Shots For Who?



None of my grandchildren have had covid shots and they have all had covid and are fine. Stand up people and say no. United, we stand, divided we fall

I can’t even believe anyone would still take that shot , let alone giving it to babies.


  1. Its a toss up. How many would have Polio without Salk Vaccine? Its a hard choice.. Flip a coin. Its America. Live and let live or let die. Its personal so stop frickin’ judging. You are the parents. Its up to you. Not the media, not Uncle Sam, not the school… YOU.. you bred them, whelped them and now? What ? Stop with the rock throwing and condemning anyone who doesn’t agree with you… America is having one helluva time with their words… To say “I disagree with you” is not the same as saying “you are wrong” We live in different circumstances and have different perspectives to come to our own truths, so just give it a friggin rest.

    • Markey it is not a hard choice at all. the polio vaccine is a real vaccine with life long immunity. It works.

      Only a fool, perhaps like you Markey, would draw any parallel between the polio vaccine and the covid 19 vaccine. The covid 19 vaccine provides some protection some of the time to some people. its protection wears off after a few months. It is not a vaccine. It is a poorly developed, poorly produced, and poorly controlled treatment.

      Additionally the polio vaccine has close to zero side effects. The covid 19 vaccine has a list of side effect ranging from mild to death. To date there is 246 side effects identified from the covid vaccine.

      Additionally real scientists, as compared with politicians like Fauci, have found that after 4 to 8 boosters your ability to retina immunity from anything starts to diminish. they are currently calling it covid 19 vaccine induced immunity fatigue.

      many countries have either severely limited who may get the covid shots or have out right banned them. Myanmar is currently suing Pfizer over the side effects. Three other countries are joining the law suit.

      Currently the united states, Canada, and France are still pushing the covid 19 vaccine. we have to wonder why.

      So Markey; please explain your tough decision again. I don’t really think anyone else sees this as a tough decision.

    • By the way Markey you are wrong. if the schools decide they are goign to require the vaccine you do not have a choice. further Uncle Biden forced the side effect riddles covid vaccine on millions of people. I disagree with you because you are wrong. Do you every thing before you write stuff? Are you really this naive or stupid?

    • You do realize the covid Jab is NOT a true vaccine dont you? Also, you realize they mRNA vaccines have been turned down for approval for at least 40 yrs that I know of due to all the severe side effects they had. Now because of the big bad covid they gave emergency approval. The ones we have available are STILL under the emergency approval.
      The polio and TRUE vaccines are quite different that this substance.
      You do also realize that far fewer would have died had they been treated with Ivermectin or Hydroxy? I have seen what proper treament did for those that were able to find a REAL doctor that would treat them with something other than Run Death Is Near. You go on are get your 3rd, 4th, 5th booster????
      Let those which critical thinking skills continue to fight to bring out the truth.

    • There’s a difference between a vaccine and a shot. I was vaccinated for polio and small pox and NEVER had either one. When I was in the Army I was forced to get a flu shot every year and every year I caught the flu and would have it for about a week each time. My wife and I received the covid shots and now we BOTH have covid. My son recently got out of the Air Force and he had the shot and every booster and he also has covid. But he has it worse than my wife and I. My whole point is calling the covid shot a vaccine is a lie, doesn’t matter whether or not you support getting the shot.

  2. I sincerely hope all of you that think the Vax works gets it. And give it to your kids too. I’m sure you’ve taught them to think like you.

  3. We’ve got bigger things to worry about. More than 200 on terrorist watch list in U.S. now, the cartel have a foothold in every major city, not to mention WWIII. Priories a little hah


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