Trump WINNING As FBI Warrant BOMBS!!!



The FBI and CIA need to be shuttered, investigated and then prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law.

When will all these traitors be held accountable? Also they need judicial action in front of the entire country


  1. At a minimum, there are at least 100 Democrats lying, stealing and committing treason upon the US and not a hand is lifted to punish them. The silence of the many Democrats who know these crimes are being committed and DO NOTHiNG is astonishing. Daniel Patrick Moynihan come back, save the country and the Dem party. It takes courage and we have only traitors.

  2. What has China done for the United States ? Steal our technology, Buy our farm lands, ship into Mexico for delivery to the US, all the fentanal they can make, China gets our oil reserves Why? Biden owes China? What is it? Hunter? Americans owe China nothing. Last thing we received was poison pet food, leaded paint toys, fxxxed up drywall, the virus. We should not be supporting them with reserve oil, paid for with their slave labor profits.Because Joe and hunter Biden are compromised with their China corruption does not mean we should stand by and let our Country sold out from under us. Midterm’s are near vote them out ,keep them out, make them return all monies made illegally and then have them jailed for all the federal laws they broke.

  3. The fbi, doj. Atf, fda, cdc, nih, and epa need to be completely shut down, every single employee fired. All pensions revoked, employee files maked as not re-hireable, and all red tagged so they can not own or buy a gun.

    The the depth of ag, forest service, buearu of land management, army Corp of engineers, parks dept, departments of natural resources, buearu of mines, and conservation depth merged into one with the basic responsibility to use all land for its optimal long term economic value and create hydro power where ever possible.

  4. You can’t fix stupid and the American have proven that over and over what is wrong with We the People the fact we still have a viable Country at all Biden Harris Chuckles Schumer Nancy Pelosi McConnell our founding Fathers if they were alive would puke ..

  5. Why haven’t these traitors been punished ?
    Any honest person would have been brought
    up for treason but these scumbags are getting
    away with destroying honest people and getting
    a pat on the back for committing treason. What
    kind of government do we have ?


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