Never In The History Of This Government Has There Been Such Riffraff Running Things. It’s Sickening.


Trust in government is at an all time low as Americans see right through the real aim behind events like the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home,” Recastled CEO Kosha Gada says. Ms Gada said the real aim behind the raid was to “prevent Donald Trump from ever running again”. “It all started with the Russia-gate hoax, two impeachment attempts that did not result in a conviction … the IRS is auditing and investigating him even before he became president, the state of California attempted to keep him off the ballot last time and failed because it was deemed unconstitutional,” Ms Gada said. “All of his aides and even his lawyer were, in the last few weeks, the DOJ’s moving into concentric circles to get all of them, they’ve been subpoenaed – some of them were even handcuffed and taken away– and now this raid. “The American people see right through it and it’s really really sad because trust in government is at an all time low.”


“The government is simply the biggest corporation, with a monopoly on violence, and no recourse” – Elon Musk

Never in the history of this government has there been such riffraff running things. It’s sickening.


  1. Just look at the riffraff running this government. The ugly old drunk cement face hag running the house gets rich from insider trading and kick backs from Mexican drug pushers and human traffickers. Then there’s little chucky who has ties to the 5 families running New York. And last, but always least, a stupid lying wimpy poopypants senile old fart who got rich through theft, blackmail, embezzlement, and kickbacks from corrupt governments all over the world. And these people were NOT voted in! Is it any wonder why things are falling apart?


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