NAACP Seeks Travel BAN For Black People To Florida As The Hood Puts Miami Beach In Emergency State!



They don’t speak for me nor represent me as a black person. Why don’t they do something about all of this black on black crime

Our Black Commissioner in Tallahassee was grateful to the Governor for asking the school board to remove QUEER THEORY from the black history course, Not every black person thinks LGBTQ ideology belongs in an AP black history course.


  1. Hallelujah. Segregation is back in full force, pushed by BLACKS… Ok, folks, I’d be glad to accommodate you. No skin off my ass. What percentage of the population are you anyway? A whopping 13%? And what is a Di -corn- ian? This dude can’t even speak English from the NAACP.. So…. dont let the door hit you in the ass, and please, consider doing the same favor for Colorado..

  2. Based on the black spring break people behavior I am guess there are a lot of people in Florida who are saying: ” you bet NAACP please boycott our state”

    I don’t think the NAACP understands the real situation with blacks in america. The 20% of black Americans who actually contribute to society were successful long long before the NAACP came along. an additional 20% became successful because affirmative action made it so easy that even the mostly lazy D students could success. The diversity offices forced another 10% who are completely worthless do nothing people into successful positions. The other 50% will never be value added in any possible way are are just looking for handouts, drugs and and opportunities to cause mayham.

    The truth is, NAACP, you and 60% of your racist bigoted people are not wanted anywhere, including Africa, and we woudl be happy if you boycotted the whole damn planet.

    Sorry if the truth hurts, but you are the ones who are creating this truth and no one else. So not blame the white people.

    By the way before you respond please recognize white males have been oppressed for 65 years and we want reparations from you NAACP. 7 million a piece should do the trick.

  3. Hey! Amen! The best news i have heard in a long time! Blacks have their own neighborhoods, restaurants, bathrooms, stores, schools, colleges, baseball teams, churches, food stores, Movie theaters. Black on Black marriage! Put me down i vote for that! All of a sudden i have a greater respect for the NAACP!! WAIT THIS IS WHAT WE HAD IN 1940, 1950, 1960 WOW IT WORKED THEN AND NOW BLESS GOD THE BLACK FOLK HAS GOT IT RIGHT!!


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