Must See: The Left Has Reached Its BREAKING POINT…


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Ben Shapiro
– Bill Maher had an amazing monologue discussing the dramatic increase of kids and teens who identify as transgender.

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Getting gender identity validation from children is disgusting. Bill is 100% right. I believe in showing love and understanding to ALL. You don’t have to bend or lay down your convictions to do that…This is SO bad..

I can’t believe it has gotten this crazy. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a boy. I liked all boy things and hated girly things. I grew up understanding that you can be a woman and not enjoy “girly” things. My parents understood this. I’m so grateful I didn’t grow up in this “gender confused” era.

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  1. As a country we need to stop being afraid and start being honest.

    These transgender people are making a choice to behave as they are. That choice is based on their mental illness.

    They need to be kept away from children. They need to be in mental institutions. It should be involuntary.

    By the way you do MIT have to respect their choice just like you do not respect drunk drivers choices.

  2. It is a mental illness.. doesn’t mean we have to accept or condone their choices. The world is getting soft and there are less real men in this world. I grew up in the country to hunt and fish for my food as to learn to live in the wilderness. This method of living saved my life many times in combat. You think for a moment that these fruits will help save this country ?? Put them in an institution and let the Doctor deal w them


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