Must See: She Cannot Answer A Single Question


Fox News

Fox News contributor Joe Concha comments on the White House doubling down on false narratives surrounding inflation, economy.

“At this point they should just turn the teleprompter around and let us read the propaganda ourselves.” Led Zeppelin

“Karine is as good of a press secretary as Biden is president which is almost nothing” Gregory McKinney


  1. When the joke was running for election he did say that if he were to be elected as President, the buck will stop with him, as the President of the US, he would take responsibility.

    Looks like he is now blaming everyone under the sun.

  2. The solution to the non-answer ploy is to boycott the briefings. No information or cogent answers equals no attendance.

  3. she is just a token ” ” ” ” ” “, you know it and I know it, paski was there long enough to slide her in, this most likely who F.CJ.B. in the 1st place, maybe for F.CJ.B. it is in the hair . may they all get caught up in this corruption.


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