Lori Lightfoot LOSES it When Someone Questions HER Truth


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Charlie Kirk – Lori Lightfoot LOOSES it When Someone Questions HER Truth

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She says you have free speech out on the street but NOT in her press conference. If you have questions and her answers are lies she can just tell you that you are full of crap and kick you out. I really don’t like Democrats.

“You will not speak the truth in here!” These people want to rule over you, not govern.

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  1. What a bunch of chicken shits. American Pride. Proud of what ? How ignorant you all are. Truth, justice and the American way. What manure.
    You think you represent the “majority”. You believe a street thug like trump. The guy cheated his way to fame on daddy’s money. And lost all of it. That’s why he pays no taxes, he doesn’t make any money. You all deserve what you got!

  2. LOL…she was so mad her head started shaking!! Lightfoot has been a complete disaster as the Chicago Mayor. She is petty, full of anger issues, and when called out on FACTS concerning violence in the city she loses her temper. I remember the email scandal where she sent an angry email regarding her “office time” to her staff where she was repeating herself over and over for several paragraphs, not just crazy, but Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” crazy!! When Alderman Lopez called her out on her lack of action to protect downtown businesses and neighborhoods from riots on a leaked conference call she began cussing at him!!


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