Joe Biden’s Chief Of Staff QUITS AS FBI SEIZES More Classified Documents From Biden’s Home!



The funny thing about finding the “documents” at Trump’s home is they say it was so bad, BUT WILL NEVER SAY WHAT WAS SO BAD ABOUT THEM!

They did not find “six more classified documents”. They found materials “including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials”. This is extremely crafty legalese. Huge red flag. “Six items” could mean 1000 documents for all we know.


  1. big fat demorats abandoning the sinking criminal administration.

    They all knew the whole democrat party was corrupt. they have know it since the Clinton era. of course Obama was worse, but Biden has taken corruption and criminal behavior in politics to a level never imagined since Stalin and Hitler. Biden criminal behavior is only out done by the African warlords who spent centuries capturing and selling or eating slaves throughout Africa.

    So now all the Demorats who think they can get away are leaving as fast as they can before they get drug into the impeding criminal trials.

  2. Here it comes folks. The Chief of Staff resigns so that he can take the heat for Biden and Biden’s cabinet of liars and attornies can blame him.

  3. So, the FBI FBI found more documents at another Biden home on the beach. But, they, the FBI, were only allowed to search certain rooms. I wonder what was in the rooms they were not allowedto search?

  4. And Joe says “I can’t do an interview right at this present time. I think I just sht my pants”. “Where are my wipers”??

  5. Biden Family in Orange Jump suits! Works for me! I want to Bid on the Corvette that was restored on Stolen Money. I will be Sized Assets Joe! Oh Summer House we Spent 1/2 Millon Dollars on, yep gone yep, gone at Auction.

  6. Hidenbiden and his corrupt,son should be toast,after all this.Proof that these two sold out america. Since his ship is sinking, the other rats are jumping ship, and looking for cover.He won’t have anyone left but his great VP,oh boy


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