Jesse Watters: This Was A ‘disaster’ For Kamala Harris



The fact that anyone would even listen to Harris at this point is absolutely insane

Only reason I’m still watching is to see how much embarrassing she can possibly be to the office. It’s so unfortunate


  1. This person is a huge embarrassment to even hold office. The bouncing like a black reverend when ever she talks is the most talked about. She is an actress, she try’s to change her voice to accommodate to what audience she is speaking to. To many of us, she is a fraud and the worst Vp to ever graced the office.

  2. I can’t even listen to the dumb bitch…and apparently the show is pro democrat because of the cheers when senile Biden is mentioned. Another one that supports lies and propaganda…boycott them all.the Greek philosopher once said “you should not honor men before truth”

  3. Hey these “people” have no general skills and don’t speak English. Her counterpart, the orange wigged clown, KJP, who holds press conferences was talking about an issue and referred to the “crust ” of the issue, instead of the “crux”.They are ignorant, ill spoken, poorly educated and only there because they are black. Karine Jean-Pierre also slipped and said at the end of a sentence “he do” and then quickly corrected to “he does”, so they are still in the HOOD, and still speak Ebonics and like they say, you can take the girl out of the Hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. I love , love , love the overuse of the word “former” and hope they are both former employees of our Government, sooner than later. And Kamala’s hubby who showed interest in Jill’s “flute”,(wink, wink) has the balls to talk about leadership? His wife couldn’t lead herd of sheep to a pasture . We have shit for leaders, and if this represents our country? Bring on China. We couldn’t do worse.

    • sir! i am not a supporter of the Democratic Party and I would love nothing better than to see them out of of the Leadership of this country. I am offended by your terminology that in your words, “they are ignorant, ill spoken and ill educated. I don’t agree with their beliefs nor their leadership, but they are not as you described them. They are very well educated. To refer to them as from the hood and speak Ebonics is racist and I believe that there is still too much racism in this country and it is one of the things that I pray about daily. We all have our opinions, we all have our dislikes, but at the end of the day we are all people that I would like to think are pretty intelligent. Its just a thought!

  4. The fact that she says Biden “is an extraordinary leader” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is an utterly brainless dolt. No one with at least one functioning brain cell thinks Biden is an extraordinary leader!

  5. I believe Kamala Hariss is sicker then Biden. I don’t know what it is but she Looks and sounds DRUNK 99% of the time and just plain and simple can not concentrate.


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