Generation Z Voted For Man With Brain Damage In Cleanest Election Ever



States with the strictest election integrity laws had double digits for R. It’s not a coincidence. BAN BALLOT BOXES. LIMIT MAIL IN VOTING.

The fact anyone thinks voting works after 2020 is insane.


  1. Now we have 2 brain dead Demo. Joey and John F. John was so called voted in because he can be controlled like Joey. Sorry, but I don’t believe the voting was honest. If the Demo. didn’t have balloted harvesting and everyone getting a mailed ballot, the Demo. would never win. Voting should be ID and in person except if you request a mail in ballot. I blame the Rep. for not doing anything about ballot harvesting, drop box, and not insisting ID, in person voting.

    • Bingo! Ginny, that is the ONLY thing that makes sense. If this doesn’t scream out loud “We Cheated” I don’t know what does.

    • Make a person wonder just how “honest” this election was since a lot of the fraud in Pennsylvania came from Philly. Still looks like a lot of fraud is still coming from there. I doubt if western PA would vote for a freak that would destroy their economies like steel, coal, and oil.

  2. This is how deep and far the hate towards republicans/trump goes. I f a deceased person was on the ballot, that person still would have won. You reap what you sow or control.

  3. 75% of people in this country say we’re headed in the wrong direction. So why didn’t 75% of voters vote for a change of direction instead of going even faster in the wrong direction?

  4. The election in Pennsylvania should not be certified, a complete audit should be done and when they find out who is responsible for the cheating, they need to be jailed permanently.

    • Unfortunately, nothing will happen! The Assholes who certify these elections are just that: “Criminal Assholes”, that all belong in Prison!

  5. Our mission is to deliver breaking news headlines from a conservative perspective. We deliver news by email to avoid big tech censorship in a mission to give our readers the other, often suppressed side of the story.

    Our mission is one of freedom of information and I am dedicated to bringing you the best headlines each and every day.

    This statement is not what read in all your news. Not a single negative note in favor of the Democrats, only insults, derogative headlines, and simple smelly bullshit. If you want to be what you claim you are, begin for being impartial. Even from a conservative point of view, it is necessary to inform in a credible way. All you do is create more division and animosity. Right now you are what you accuse others of being.

  6. The end result of all this election fraud is going to be the end of the Union. Once more the Democrat Crime Organization is setting the stage for a number of states to secede from the Union. And this time the damage maybe permanent. When the letter of the law is no longer followed and corruption is rampant in a society that society cannot survive.


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