Feds ADMIT To Having Agents Among January 6 Rioters


Now that many of the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers involved in the January 6th riots are going on trial, new information is emerging about the FBI’s infiltration of these groups, and possible foreknowledge of – to say nothing of participation in – the events of that day at the US Capitol. The FBI is now admitting that the agency had multiple informants in both groups, but that these undercover operatives had no idea what was likely to happen prior to that January day in 2021.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the FBI’s long history of infiltrating left and right-wing groups, and the evidence suggesting that federal agents had awareness and involvement in January 6th.


It’s nice to know that Liberals are finally acknowledging what conservatives knew two years ago.

The problem with waiting 2 years to tell the truth is that most people won’t hear it or if they do, the previous lies have already taken root into their system of beliefs. And they know this.
Thank you Jimmy for not letting the truth be buried.


  1. I knew this from day one Pelosi set Jan 6 up. FBI were in the crowd. To instigate riot. they were the violent ones . I think they were paid to do this by Pelosi. Pelosi daughter wrote a script and made a film for Nancy. She set this up . People believe this . FBI want testify because it would cause more scandal People will swallow anything Pelosi,Biden tells them too. Glad she is gone.

    • I would not doubt the ugly old stupid cement face hag also had a hand in sending Antifa punks in dressed in MAGA gear for the sole purpose of starting a riot.

    • The whole Pelosi clan will end up in hell for what they are doing to the U.S. Not one person takes a thing when their time is up here…and eternity is forever; whereby, not even a split second passes. Eternally burning in the fires of hades.

  2. She should be tried for treason, she is one evil sub human, the evidence is there, she was all of it and also guilty of murder, she should be marched out on the capitol steps and hung for the world to view. The verdict would be GUILTY .

  3. The FBI or should I say the Dem FBI is a joke ! Growing up I had a huge respect for the FBI now their just as crooked group of evil puppets that I don’t trust.No integrity at all,So very sad !

  4. As should be evident by now the Jan. 6 disturbance was not caused/done by Trump supporters but by those inserted as plants by Leftist groups and, in my opinion, the FBI. The Jan. 6 “committee” is an extension of that effort to vilify Trump and his supporters.

  5. Have you seen one of the latest anti Biden bumper stickers? FBI stands for Fake Biden Investigators. I prefer Fk Biden Investigators. One thing we can all agree, FJB.

  6. Thank you so much. I knew that it was a set up . I wish people had not listen to that FBI plant directing people where to go. agents open the door and directing them into the building Telling them where to go. I think these guys need to be arresting. Pelosi daughter had a film crew to tape this! Nancy must have had a script written. Would not put this passed her.

  7. This was setup from the start, that’s why Nancy refused the national guard when Trump offered, the democrats set the whole thing up, would like to see Ray Epps interviewed, he has disappeared since this happened. The people they have in jail have been there for all this time being treated like they were in a third world country, it’s terrible that this is allowed to happen in this country.


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