Elon Musk’s Hilarious Response to Twitter’s Lawsuit Threat


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk backing out of his plan to buy Twitter; Donald Trump’s correct prediction about the Elon Musk Twitter deal; Joe Biden’s approval rating hitting shocking new lows; Kamala Harris’ and Pete Buttigieg’s strange responses to being asked about a Biden 2024 re-election campaign; the latest Joe Biden gaffe while attempting to read his teleprompter; CNN’s Audie Cornish and Zain Asher turning on Joe Biden for constantly blaming Vladimir Putin for inflation and the worsening economy; White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s biggest lie about the economy yet; and finally how Gavin Newsom hasn’t yet figured out why are people leaving California for Ron DeSantis’ Florida. First, Dave discusses the fallout from Elon Musk officially ending his plan to buy Twitter. Next, as Joe Biden’s approval ratings hit new all-time lows, more media outlets are turning on him and asking people in his administration if he really will run for reelection in 2024. On Face the Nation, Kamala Harris gave the most bizarre reaction when she laughed uncomfortably while discussing a Biden 2024 run. Pete Buttigieg gave a quick answer and then changed the subject when he was asked if Biden will run in 2024. Meanwhile, Joe Biden didn’t help his fading support, as he had yet another teleprompter gaffe as Kamala Harris watched and tried to not react. Next, even CNN’s Audie Cornish went after Biden calling his constant blaming of Vladimir Putin for the worsening economy an excuse. Meanwhile, CNN’s Zain Asher says that no good news on jobs will save Biden as long as inflation rages. Finally, Karine Jean-Pierre tells what may be her biggest lie yet, when she tries to convince reporters at the White House Press Briefing that this is actually the best economy in history.


Want to wreck Twitter? Stop using it. Businesses need customers. Stop being a customer.

I would crawl in a hole for a long time if I had voted for Biden. I’d be so embarrassed. I would have to rethink my reality. Good thing I have common since.


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