Elections Have Consequences, But Stolen Elections Have Catastrophic Consequences


Recastled CEO Kosha Gada says “it’s not looking pretty” for Joe Biden as his approval rating slips again – setting up three potential scenarios for the embattled US President. “Either he does run again … Bill Clinton was actually at a similar rate and he went on to win re-election … most people would agree Biden is not Bill Clinton but theoretically it’s possible,” Ms Gada told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “The second scenario is he finishes out his term and then steps aside and then other people from the Democrat bench vie for the job. “And then the third scenario … is that he doesn’t even finish out this term and potentially he steps aside after the midterm elections coming up in November. “Which paves the way for Kamala Harris to take that top job and then vie for election and that sets up a whole different scenario we have seen in US history but it makes a lot of people very nervous.”


At the rate the President is going, It will be a miracle if he is still around at the end of the year, let alone 2024

“Elections have consequences, but stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.” — Stephen Bannon


  1. Neither One of these PARASITES need to FINISH their First Term. The GOP will have a Landslide WIN in November 2022 of the HOUSE and the SENATE. And In November 2024 the GOP will have a Landslide WIN of the We The Peoples WHITE HOUSE.

  2. Half the states have already banned computer voting and The Convention of States org. Is diligently working on getting the rest to do the same. They are promoting term limits on Congress and that they must adhere to ALL LAWS they pass on the rest of us(no more insider trading). Also, same day voting results like it used to be. If you’re thinking of donating to any political organization, THIS is the one that matters most.

  3. Wow. Another conservative “news” website seeking more uneducated to slurp up the misinformation and disinformation. Great job.

    • So then, why are you here? Did your ‘highly educated” (smirk) contempories in the Dem/Leftist Pary find you lacking? Is this their 21st century version of putting you on a high stool in the corner with a dunce cap on?

  4. Biden is bad enough but think horse face Harris could become president is unthinkable! My prayer is God please keep Biden “HEALTHY””!! (until November 2024}


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