Donald Trump can’t be ‘controlled’


Fox News contributor Lara Trump says mainstream media in the United States “hates” former president Donald Trump.

She said people also need to look at the “establishment” from both parties.

“Donald Trump is somebody that cannot be controlled,” she told Sky News host Erin Molan.

“He always said ‘I’m going to run for president of the United States to serve the American people, I’m not there to serve either party in Congress, this is for the people.’

“So they don’t like that they can’t control him so I think they’re trying anything they can to get Donald Trump out of the way.”


He is a businessman, not a politician. I don’t trust politicians. He does what he says, not like some politicians.

Trump for 2024…..Make America & Rest of the World Great Again!!!!


  1. He needs to control his mouth. He is so out there being a child, already has De Santis named with some derogatory moniker. His mother apparently never taught him how to argue or debate like a grown up. The only thing missing is the Nah, nah, nah,- na,na. I never was aware of his political expertise or accomplishment because his voice, his yelling and his mouth obliterated any good that may have been underneath. He represents the worst in humankind and coaxes it out rather than taking the higher road of mediator, leader and president. Instead he came across and still does as a vulgar, crass bully who is unpredictable and untrustworthy, arrogant, and possibly mentally unsafe. He has been and will continue to be his own worst enemy. What he does is not leadership. He is the epitome of gang mentality. He needs a gang, not a nation.

    • So Markey would rather have Mitt Romney or Mitch the bitch in leadership. Don’t cry when those 2 bow down and kiss Pelosi’s ass.

  2. Donald Trump may have run his mouth sometimes as President but he did a hell of a job in running and keeping this country in check. Trumps tweets do not compare to foul mouth and condescending Jerk Biden. Biden would insult his own voters to their faces. The way he treats the media, they deserve it for kissing his ass.

  3. Trump will be the major cause for the Republican Party to once again lose the presidential elections in 2024. He is an egotistical dickhead. Play golf Trump, run your businesses and stay the he-l out of politics for the good of the country.

  4. I agree, Trump is a danger to himself as well as the country. He chooses to divide our country with violence and hatred. He needs to pay for his past deeds, he needs to be stopped. He has broken the law in everyway he can, but still he is running free.


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