DeSantis: ‘My Parents Are Older And They Don’t Even Understand How This Can Be Going On’


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) slams critical race theory and gender ideology as he campaigns for re-election.


I was born in 1943 and I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. It is total insanity and if someone told me that America in 2022 would look like this, I would not have believed them!

God bless DeSantis.


  1. I was a kid growing up in a college town during the Viet Nam War and I saw first hand the anti war riots for “peace.” Damaged and destroyed property and people getting ruffed up by the rioters. Then the rioters getting the crap beat out of them by the police, which they deserved. Once that war was over I thought the worst was over for this country. But the dummycrats have proved me wrong. They’ve screwed up things so badly that this is worse than the 1960s riots.

    • I have to agree. I was a teenager in high school the last 3 years of the Vietnam war and I thought so many disturbances from rioting, black panthers agenda, racial tensions, etc. would never end. Then along comes these crazy times in 2019 until now. I can see that the way of thinking in the colleges only got worse and they never ever have up their agenda to have America become a commie country. Of course they “know it all” so don’t dare question these idiots who have nothing going on in life except their grandiose thoughts of saving the world from itself. They need a cause and this makes them feel important. How dare we think for ourselves, how stupid of us!

  2. I got out of the Navy in 1971, and was advised not to where your blues uniform going home. I thought, what the hell u talking about,why? I was told the natives were restless, not very happy about the war, well hell, neither was I, but joined before, I got drafted,knowing they would finally get me.When I came home,I was cursed at,spit on,it was unbelievble, that hippies,driftdees,crazies,doppies, treat u like that,I wanted to go back in.It was fked up then, but it’s totally different today.Were fighting to save America at home, from commies, or we will be learning chinese very soon.Vote right, or this country is doomed.


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