Dems Just Lost Their Second Biggest Donor As His Ponzi Scheme Blows Up



Let’s just be honest – dude was fronting for the Dems. They should fry for this, but of course they won’t.

I will keep repeating it until my last breath that we will never vote our way out of this mess.


  1. The Return of the Donald wiser about the DC swamp knowing now the democrats have no principles, morals, or ethics they think nothing of lying, saying what people want to here only, in the game for personal financial gratification We all know now that the democrats can’t govern just look at the status of our Country. Trump. is still a business man, what our Country needs, not the self interest groups of the DC swamp playing a game of power, control and of course money. Mr. Trump will have my vote hope the rest of the Country feels the same way, we need hard people in office who honor our Constitution, their oath of office and be of service to the America people. America first is the call too arms for our future, energy free, no shortages.

      • DeSantis is not a RINO, he’s the best pro American Governor in the country! His focus is on Florida right now, so President Trump needs to back off from calling him names. We need to keep the Republican party united! I totally support Trump, but DeSantis has been perfect for Florida and the other Republican governors should take his lead on cleaning up their election laws and integrity in their states!

    • I voted for him in 2016, 2020 and I will vote for him in 2024…..I would never vote for a Democrat, they have no principles morals, or ethics. They lie, cheat, steal, omit and deny any truth! Go Trump 2024….

  2. I agree…we were ALL a lot better off 2 years ago. If I could whisper in President Trumps ear, I would say “Don’t let them get a “rise” out of you.” The haters “bait” you to fire back at their nonsense. “Rise” above it and stay laser focused on the policies and issues…paint a picture of “how” this will be accomplished…because you are a Master Negotiator! Biden has NO plan on how to fix this mess he has gotton us in…except to aimlessly throw trillion$


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