Democrats Plan To Give Illegal Immigrants ID Cards To Get US Benefits, 50% Believe Civil War Coming


Democrats Plan To Give Illegal Immigrants ID Cards To Get US Benefits, 50% Believe Civil War Coming. Without Borders you have no country, with no shared laws you have no nation. Democrats have not allowed trafficked migrant children illegally, they are now planning on granting them access to US benefits and ID cards. At a time when political tensions are rising it seems Democrats and the Biden admin are just making everything worse while blaming Trump and MAGA. Republicans may prevent a second civil war if they are able to win in the midterms and in 2024.


I’m disappointed with my extended family for voting for Biden……But I forgave them as they all died over 20 years ago.

When I need a real ID to travel outside of my state but illegals get “federal limits apply” and a free ride to benefits off my tax money we have a serious problem here


  1. Back in around 2017 Ted Cruz said, “undocumented immigrants is the NEW democrats.” They can change words all they want, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.Fk this immigrant crap. FK the democrats and their FAKE president. Maybe it’s due time for a civil war, how else are we gonna take our country back? DEPORT them ALL! This is what socialism is.

  2. You that voted for this administration are complete “IDIOTS.” We ,1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, “ULTRA”MEGANS” red, yellow, black, white are going to right the ship NOW! These illegals are not going to get benefits with “MY” tax dollars and they are not going to “VOTE” no matter what DEMOCRATS want!!! The lefties think these illegals are going to vote they are not !! Locked Loaded ready to protect America from any outsiders, illegals and SOROS who should meet his maker “NOW”. AMERICA AND LEGAL AMERICAN FIRDT PARTY!!


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