Completely STUCK! Joe Manchin Can’t Even Answer A Basic Question During Interview!



He learned the double speak from Kamel Toe Harris, giving a pointless answer. Time for him to be voted out.

He seems like an entirely different person, seriously. A principled man does not flip like this, not without reason.


  1. He wasn’t STUCK, he was “BOUGHT OFF” by getting a Pipe Line for his West Virginia and we thought IDIOT JOE BIDEN had said “NO” to any Pipe Lines, gas/oil exploration in the USA…..The DEMOCRAT in him came out as all he was waiting for was PAYOLA for his PET PROJECT so he could look like a SAVIOR to this constituents in WV….NOW, that’s what you call a COWARD!

  2. You people trying to figure out Manchin “changing” are never going to figure it out ! I have lived in WV. born and raised here for 74 years. Joe has always been a lying thief that looks like he is a middle of the fence Democrat and HE IS NOT!!! I was a Democrat for 43 years until the party left me and the working man!!I hate yellow back Republicans therefore i am a Independent conservative and Ultra MAGA! Joe did not change he is the S.O.B he has always been!! His uncle when he was the secretary of state in West Virginia , came up $83,000,000 short in balancing the books and simply said, “I DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT IS”!! Poor old West Virginians let it go!1 It went into the family!! Manchin and his family are little want to be Mafia that stupid West Virginia people keep electing!! I think they have woke up this time “never changing thief” and will not be elected again!! Manchin did not change it was planned all along!! Plenty of proof for all his illegal dealing and his infidelity( With Pics) to bury him under the jail!!!


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