BREAKING: Everyone Needs To See Kari Lake’s URGENT Update On The Fight To Save Arizona!



What a disgrace . We want clear and fair elections!

Arizona needs to have everyone that voted for Kari ban together. March the streets. Make your voices be heard! Boycott the Election!


  1. Yes just another election so full of fraudulent activity just like 2020 and now again in 2022 so sad for the United States of America no hope left as Democrats now are in charge of everything again. It’s time to lock and load to take our country back immediately

  2. LAWYERS have taken the world over, no other way to say it, all in one nut shell, not just America but the whole world is driven, run and mind you, judges are lawyers, the whole world is being run by lawyers, passing papers around, courts, fussing, its their game, its how it is done, so bottom line we can post and post these heart breaking hearts sadden by DemocRats stealing, rigging elections, and blowing tax payers hard earn money on corrupted things, Lawyers has corrupted the world, greed, Money, nothing can change things now, its all down hill, sad for our children, REMEMBER, God Loves You,

  3. The US is supposedly governed by the constitution, a law (interpreted by crooks. Think about this; the justice branch (all lawyers_ the legislative branch (mostly lawyers) executive branch (almost all advisors are lawyers. That means that our whole system is run by a pack of crooked scum lawyers that is called the American Bar Association.

  4. Katy Hobbs I keep telling myself you can’t be that stupid !Do you know the people in this Country are not blind !it is very obvious that you got caught in your crooked election and your not fooling anybody but do you realize the powder keg that’s brewing in this Country rite now !anybody that has half a brain can feel it and I fear what you have done and are doing could possibly ignite that keg you got caught step back and let the system work I hate that we’re so devided in this country I fear for you and what could happen to a lot of God loving Americans if this continues I’m not saying walk away I’m suggesting step aside and redo the election fairly if you win then congratulations and if you don’t then try again next elections it’s that simple what could be so important about you cheating to win this election that your risking not having a country to govern by your actions it’s obvious you cheated and the people know it redo the Election and let the cards fall where they fall Honestly !


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