Border Patrol agent who raced into Uvalde school speaks out


Image from video below…

Fox News
– Jacob Albarado tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ he wasn’t just trying to save his child, he was trying to get as many people out of there as he could.

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This Father Did What A Responsible Parent Has The Absolute Right And Authority To Do: Protect Your Child Above All Else!!!

So an off duty officer made entry….but the handful of uniformed officers did not?????

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  1. They’re on a lying path about the whole situation at Robb. Just like Sandy Hook.
    Start watching for the CRISIS ACTORS!!!

  2. What if your house was on fire and your whole family was inside. The firemen was told to stand down, what would you do. And who has the right to tell the firemen not to do their job. No one should have that right. Some one should go to prison. SIC, SIC, SIC.


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