Boebert in Danger as Thousands of Votes for Opponent Could be “Fixed”



When Republicans did nothing about 2020, we knew this would happen again. Thanks McConnell

Seeing these elections as an outsider, it’s scary a developed country has this type voting “irregularities”…a strong stench of third world elections…


  1. This isn’t shocking anymore. Our country is being turned into a communist/socialist state before are very eyes and most Americans are turning a blind eye to it. Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? Not knowing whether their votes actually will matter because of cheating and fraud. Think about it. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. If you truly love this country you need to give this serious thought. When votes don’t matter, you have tyranny.

  2. Most people expected this would happen because nothing was done in the areas irregularities occured in previous elections. Unless and until election reform is made law all across the country, there will continue to be elections decided weeks, or months, after election day. They have to count before they know how many they need to “find”.

  3. Third World politics, Media and Theft. The US is at the tipping point. Greatness is no longer our Hallmark but our memory. Thanks Democrats for the swiftest end to Democracy any country has ever seen. If the idiots that helped, think they are in on the proceeds, they are wrong.
    They have been have been useful idiots and will get nothing and deserve nothing.

  4. Obama, Rice, and Company are running things along with their other
    undesirables …..on his 3rd term now going for more until we are
    totally destroyed which is their objective….elections are a joke a
    coverup…..just stand back and look at this …what to you really see??
    Blind in one eye and can’t see out the other……….we are in a world
    of _ _ _ _ !!!!! Hear taps playing in the back ground ……..won’t be
    long…..good day folks….


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