BLM Has Lost The Public



Saying BLM is for black lives is like saying Biden’s policies are for Americans.

Saying BLM is for social justice and for black communities is like saying Brandon is a qualified biker on the tour de france


  1. Blm was a cover up for terrorists acts in blue states. Not sure what the democrats wanted to destroy their states. but you saw how that was, and who did the burning, looting and killings in the blue states. It’s still going on in them states now. Kind of like the open borders. Now that the blue states have to deal with the illegals they let walk in, their crying about it. They flooded tx and Florida with illegals, till they bused them to blue states. Funny how they now blame tx and FL For all the illegals in blue states lol. it was funny to the democrats right up till the illegals showed up on their doorsteps. Now it’s funny to the rest of us. Dumb azz democrats just don’t get it or don’t care. So now let them deal with the illegals.

  2. That’s not even funny, this photo How sad. But what I made out of that is Republicans are bully’s. Just look at the mess they have made of this country, and to think I was a Republican voter. Keep sucking up to Trump or he’ll throw U under the bus too
    Keep sending him money too, to fill his deep pockets🤦‍♀️


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