Biden Says We’re Not Really In A Recession, Everyone Tells Him To STFU



We are already in a big crash, and inflation is a disaster. The CPI report is a colossal failure. To bring the housing market to a halt, the FED will have to pull out all the stops. The unfortunate reality is that other markets are being decimated. Diversification is essential if you want to stay green. Right now, crypto derivatives trades are the only thing in my portfolio that is performing well and making me money.

Joe always gets ice cream brought to him whenever he asks for it, so he doesn’t see how there could be a recession.


  1. How would Biden know what a recession is? The word alone has three syllables, well beyond his comprehension.

  2. With his Dumb Stair look and No lights on in his Skull he like a BRAIN DEAD , BLIND Eyed piece of Gutter TRASH from out of Delaware. Xbiden doesn’t know what Inflation or Recession is. Because He is a FRAUD , CON ARTIST , FAILURE , RACIST , BIGOT , PUPPET and a PERVERT. He doesn’t know who he is , Where is Going , Where he has been , He doesn’t know his Name and he doesn’t know what he is Doing. He doesn’t know that he is a Pretending President of the United States.

  3. Our so called president needs our prayers for peace in our country. Pray pray for our leaders and let God do the rest. Amen

  4. Did poopypants senile Joe buy Never Never Land from the late Michael Jackson? He always appears to be in some kind of fantasyland and is totally lost when reality hits the stupid bag of worthless shit in the face.

  5. What a total embarrassment,failure,this totally,incoherant,arrogant,racist,perv,senile,frail,old,puppet,fool, lying about the recession he has caused. Now to fix it, slo,joe the nincompoop, with the other nincompoop,traitor,joe, want to spend another trillion on climate change, to make the hidenbidenflation,twice as bad,spend,spend,spend,print,print,print,more money, until it’s fkg worthless,u jackasses.


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