Biden Makes a False Claim About January 6th and Police… Watch!


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– Throughout his political career Joe Biden has engaged in all sorts of duplicity – lying about his academic record, plagiarizing other political leaders, pretending he had been involved in the Civil Rights movement – the list goes on. So it should come as no surprise that Biden is now lying about the January 6 riots, alleging that multiple police officers on the scene had been killed by protesters breaching the Capitol building when in fact zero officers were killed by protesters.

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The ministry of truth will be proud of Joe.

Little did all those people staring at him know, they’d be voting for him 40 years later regardless of if they lived to see it or not.

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  1. I would demand the names of those “killed” on the 6th so respects/honor can be bestowed on the families. If no names, alleged occurrence did not happen as biden reports.

  2. Its sad to believe that there are still people that think what he says is the “Holy Grail”. Biden has given a whole new meaning to the word “Incompetence”.

  3. In that Photo that is showing China Joe I’M LYING AGAIN. When ever has he not LIED. He’s lied his intired LIFE. Ever since China entered Congress in 1978 he’s told
    a LIE every time he Opened his Mouth. This BRAIN Dead and Blind Eye Fossil doesn’t know how to Stop Lying because it’s his way of LIFE. We The People can’t wait until November 2022 and November 2024 rolls around to get rid of these Lying DemoRats of the Democratic Socialist/Communist Party are Defeated and replaced by the GOP (Grand Old Party).


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