Antifa members indicted for alleged attack on Trump supporters


Image from video below…

Newsmax TV
– On Sunday’s Wake Up America Weekend, journalist Andy Ngô reacted to the indictment of alleged members of Antifa.

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It wasn’t shocking to the people who already knew that antifa was a terrorist organization. It wasn’t shocking to the people who paid attention.

Punks! Attacking children and the elderly. Lock them up and throw away the key!

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  1. Heard of double jeopardy. They will be tried by their peers; change that to same thinkers who will either have the charges dropped or reduced to minor charges therefore cannot be tried again.

  2. yep, a kangaroo court at best, jailhouse lawyers, most likely antifa sympathizers themselves. working pro-boneo, only one way to fix them, yep that way, then never to be a problem again.


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