14 Year Old Boy ARRESTED And ISSUED CIVIL CITATION For BRUTALLY Beating Up 9-Year-Old Girl On Bus!



A 14 year old young man, of any ethnic background, raised properly, knows not to beat up a third grader.

It’s crazy to me how violent KIDS are getting. Didn’t we just have a 6yr old shoot a teacher a couple of weeks ago? Our society is just rotted to the core.


  1. Send his butt to a Reform Academy And after a few sessions of getting his ass kicked, he will either find the light or rejection and become a career criminal. LET’s HELP HIM STOP HIS BULLYING WAYS NOW OR HE WILL LIKELY MEET HIS CONQUEROR AND WIND UP DEAD OR IN PRISON. Love and direction starts at home. Obviously his is BROKEN’n! My heart ❤️ goes out to the little girl who received his aggression! GET HER COUNSELING SO FEAR DIMINISHES!

  2. Just put his butt on a prison bus for a nice long ride and When his face amd Butt hole finally heal up his attitude will change about beating people smaller than him just for fun. Kids like this will end up there eventually so let just hope the sooner the better

  3. This is the result of abortion for the last 50 years. If babies can be killed then why not older children. Now it’s “post birth abortion.”

    • Abortion is terrible but one good thing did come out of it. Since abortion became legal the crime rate starting about twelve years later started to drop at a fast rate. All these little thugs just were not born. Now with dems, 1619, and blm it is going back up. Not as obvious since they simply don’t arrest people for crimes they commit so it doesn’t make the stats

  4. Again, it has to do with evolution. Not every branch on the tree of a family or a species grows and develops in the same way , at the same rate, and some are not capable of evolution and remain beasts, savage, uncontrollable, unthinking , violent, cannibalistic sociopaths, with NO redemption in sight. It is a matter of biology, brain development and intelligence. Many, many homo sapien types have gone extinct over time, as well as other species,,, dinosaurs , etc… It is time for this particular group to have a mass extinction event….. They are left overs from the time we all lived in CAVES.

  5. These videos are hard to watch. But, I’m thankful to you for presenting them. I hope these bullies get some counseling because we do not know if they were beaten when they were younger. I pray the little girl and her brother receive the help they need too.
    God bless you for keeping us informed!

  6. Nothing but bad parenting especially by some racial cultures where no emphasis is placed on family units as opposed to single mothers, no emphasis on education or right from wrong with kids having guns, no supervision and raising themselves to a life of crime and drugs.

  7. So, where is the discipline from parents, or don’t they have parents? This seems to be a cultural problem. When I was a kid if your parents found out you did something bad you got a beating. Are these kids raising themselves on their way to a life of crime and drugs due to a lack of parenting? What is their culture going to do about it? Nothing?
    We were all poor. We had no doors on our rooms and a hanging cloth for the bathroom door. We had a loaded shot gun and rifle in the closet with no door and a loaded pistol in the house which I once found and shot off in a field. Our town had NO juvenile delinquents. Look at people today. Even if you are poor and your parents are not working every day you can still do what is right and get a good education if your parents see to it! We did! But if your parents are lazy, and do not discipline and engage in illegal activities than you are on the wrong road and you won’t make it to age 84 unless you WANT to. If you are a teen ager you know right from wrong and if you make stupid decisions you will pay for it; maybe with your life. So be stupid if you want and have a short life.


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