This Sheriff Shares an EASY Way to END School Shootings Forever…


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The Next News Network – Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd is tired of hearing people say that arming teachers would never work.

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Grady Judd is THE very best this country has. No one else even comes close. Thank you, Grady for all you do for the residents of Polk County, Florida! 🌟 ⭐️ 💫

Sheriff Judd is the real deal! He does not treat his position as a politician. He believes his job is to protect the public to the full extent of the law and Constitution.

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    • What We The People needs is All 50 States to Elected Sheriff’s that has Grown a pair and will make sure that Every I is doted and Every T is crossed. Sheriff’s like Grady Judd that as a pair does something about it. We The People don’t need anymore Governor’s and Mayor’s that sit on Fat A $ s’ s and do nothing but Blame everyone but theirselfs. Like Zombie B* in Chicago , New York , he in Los Angeles , She in Washington State and the List is to long to Write.if U know what I mean.

  1. Everyone knows how to stop the shooting . But that won’t fit in somes plans . Why else won’t you want armed teachers and guards in school protecting kids ??? Locked doors and armed personnel will do the job . Why the democrats are fighting this , only one reason. They want this to happen , to take weapons away from the people . You see how states rans by the democrats are , the tuffest gun laws yet the highest murder rates in the country . It’s all about control while your kids die.


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