The Amount Of Circle Backs We Have Dealt With Is Incredible



It should be the duty of EVERY journalists to be relentlessly hostile to any an all government officials. If you’re not pushing the government into a corner then you aren’t doing your job. And that goes for anyone. Political party affiliation is no excuse to go easy on these @#&$#@’s

The amount of circle backs we have dealt with is incredible. The amount of anger and disgust I have towards our government is unrepairable at this point. I have done the opposite of everything they have suggested and my health is stellar.


  1. SEE NO EVIL SPEAK NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL OK YOU GOT THE JOB.Acting head of DOJ criminal division is a former associate of Hunter Biden’s lawyer, A Justice Department official hired under President Biden and placed in charge of the agency’s criminal division in an acting capacity — is a former close associate of the attorney representing Hunter Biden in his current business deals.. The department revealed on Inauguration Day that it had tapped Nicholas McQuaid as acting assistant attorney general overseeing the criminal division.

  2. Get that lying Communist off the microphone! This bullshit has to stop. Impeachment of their entire regime is needed now!

  3. SHOW ME THE MONEY? DOJ, potential whilseblowers like a fart in a divers helmet, overrated ambulance chasing lawyer, in way over his skill level, irect the DOJ what a partisan democrat joke. Like most appointed biden officials they really can’t tell their ass from a whole in the ground. Again, we ask who is looking at those 150 corrupt biden family graft checks the federal banking authorities submitted for criminal review? Follow the money? Where does the buck stop with the biden crime family and that seem A ok with the DOJ / FBI.


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