Nooooo! It Can’t Be Happening AGAIN!?!



Anyone who sees what’s happening to this country and still votes Democrat is truly disturbed.

Trump was right about everything. Let’s go Brandon!!


  1. I think the purpose of the confident headlines liberals are publishing is to prepare a background for their sweeping victory in November. Not a sweeping victory due to voter enthusiasm for Democrat programs but due to a much improved cheating scheme the Dems have worked out in the last 3 years. The cheating will be harder to spot or prove, there will be swift and vicious punishment for anyone challenging the results and no opportunity to challenge their victory in the courts. These people are serious as a heartbeat. They didn’t come this far just to turn back now. Republicans and their voters need to prepare for some strong and possibly deadly punishment for challenging these savage players in the world dominance game.

    • Ken, it seems that most Republicans/conservatives are very naive and think that upcoming elections will proceed with little to no cheating this time. Besides myself, you are one of the few people that has acknowledged on public forums that the Democrats will be more determined than ever to put forth their agenda and will do whatever it takes to keep it from being hindered.

  2. Exactly! I don’t even know it’s naivety. Some people just don’t think and some don’t care enough to take the time to vote… believe it or not. I know people that have NEVER voted and that chaps my butt! Others are still voting dem because their daddy did! So many say Biden has changed their thoughts but I am betting it will not show in the mid terms. And YES, the corrupt dems will do ANYTHING to win both chambers. I will remain uneasy until the votes are in. I hope and sincerely pray God’s ear off but we are in tumultuous times. There is not one stinking democrat I would trust as far as my old, frail body could throw them! I will be at the polls early with my red votes! BTW, I have missed one vote in my 74 years only because I sat in a hospital and watched my mother die in 2001.

  3. DEMONrats have been stealing elections for decades. Nowadays it’s more frightening how they change Republican votes to democRAT votes. DEMONrats the party of EVIL, they only care about holding power and controlling, they DON’T give a damn about their voters, you or me. As long as they control the law, they’ll keep stealing elections. Ex., the 2020 presidential election.


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