Netflix PANIC Cancels Kids Show After Parents Discover THIS Disturbing Content & Purge Woke Content!



I support the downfall of netflix woke content. Hopefully, in the future, good content might save the platform.

I remember when kids’ shows taught basic moral lessons like ‘don’t tell lies’, ‘don’t talk to strangers’, ‘sharing is caring’, etc. This is just confusing kids, not teaching them anything.


  1. The way to kill anything is by killing its roots. Adults have enough life experience, unless one of today’s woke, Gen -Z assholes are involved, to reject and call bullsht on today’s media. Children, however, are open vessels subject to any information that seeps into their brains. They are the roots of the next generation/ millenia. They have found a subtle, easy way to decimate what it has taken two hundred years to build- A sane, safe , equality-driven America. Now the insane, perverted, lascivious, victimhood pundits have taken aim at our children, through the most unsuspected avenue… TEACHERS, and Children’s media, those who were once the most trusted like Sesame Street and Miss Mary, the first grade teacher ( who is a Trani- woke -dress wearing PERV) . Get out of public schools, do not subscribe to TV or commercials that promote evil, vulgar, sexual themes to babies…Save America from the insane, woke agenda

  2. I 100% Concur! IF my children we still school age they would never see the inside of a Public school with the pedophiles that run rampant in the entire teachers union and Dept of Ed. ALL they seem to care about is our kids sexuality. here’s my lesson for little kids and ALL they should know at the ages they are teaching this perverted pig slop. Here goes :Girls are Icky and Boys have cooties.

  3. I blame parents for taking their kids to trans shows for letting kids sit in libraries with trans (I call them it’s). Parents should be more involved with their kid’s schoolwork and TALK to them and ask what they were taught today. Parents should talk to other parents and protest the way their kids are taught, remember we parents pay teachers’ salaries and we pay school taxes (we do have a say). And parents should go to school board meetings and if they don’t like the board, VOTE THEM THE HELL OUT. We parents control TV and computers our kids have (along with cell phones).

    • I agree that there is a very large piece of this that lands on the parents. I also have a question about them… When I was a child, a long time ago, my folks sat me at the DR table with books, note books, pen/paper etc. and actually discussed my homework, explained some of it , like word meanings etc. to me. They checked my homework to make sure it was complete and they ABSOLUTELY KNEW what content I was being taught. There were no sexual, homo surprises in my take home work…. They were totally immersed in it and followed my progress, grades etc and helped focus on where I need help….. Answer this for me. HOW in the hell can a parent be oblivious to what is being taught to their kid????? HOW???? I will tell you. They have given the responsibility of parenting their OWN child to day- care, to perverted school teachers, coaches, after school programs, you name it. WHY did they have a kid in the first place? How do they get by saying they had NO idea? Did they ever even make the effort to freakin’ check? Have the kid read to them, recite the alphabet, count… OH.. too much like being a parent? Too much trouble.. GET cut or get your tubes tied. You’re not meant for this responsibility.

  4. ITS TOTAL MADNESS. Who ever thought AMERICA would turn into a SHITHOLE country?!
    FREAKS AND WEIRDOS are the ones trying to put AMERICA in HELL!!!
    Just look at these FREAKS AND WEIRDOS in our Government. Strangest people I have ever seen.

  5. I agree with what you’re saying; however, Dave Chappell is not just anti-woke, he has proved to be an out-and-out antisemite. This is not the same as being against socialists or Antifa, and Chappell should be strongly discouraged from using Jews (and Israel) as the butt of his jokes.


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