Joe Fought the Teleprompter, & the Teleprompter Won!


Joe Fought the Teleprompter, & the Teleprompter Won!


Hard to tell where Fetterman ends and Biden begins.

All Americans who voted for him need to take a cognitive abilities test.


  1. Whoever believes THIS bumbling IDIOT won the 2020 presidential election is in the same rank. Worse yet, in front of the WORLD he proves it over and over.

  2. Bubbla nswjbfiuwruihyrgbgrkiwriuwfhbwrfuihryuhernberiluheguhgbrihu makes more send than what this bumbling fool is saying…….

  3. Poor old Joe Biden gets blamed for the disasters being instituted by the government. However, it is not demented Joe making these decisions, it is the Democrats behind the curtain who are responsible for the disasters that are assumed to be coming from Joe. ( Joe Alzheimer, himself, has not a clue as to what’s going on, he’s merely a convenient scapegoat on whom to place the blame). As soon as these behind the curtain Democrats feel that it is to their benefit, they will dispose of Joe using whatever excuse they feel is appropriate, ( including the possibility of the 25th amendment) blaming him for all the disasters that they themselves instituted and thereby escaping any blame themselves. Because he is also mentally incompetent, he can also not be held responsible for the disasters that occur during his administration. For this reason they will try to keep him around as long as possible. Once he’s gone, and they are out from behind the curtain, they will have to assume responsibility for their stupidity. (We know how unlikely it is for a Democrat to do anything wrong and accept responsibility). The Democrats know that there will be no consequences to them for whatever disasters they cause. They know this because they have NEVER been held responsible. Their evils have always been, and continue to be, swept under the rug.

    Have recently seen articles that claim that there are several Democrats who disagree with their fellow Democrats regarding possible bills. HOWEVER, look back on previous disagreements and you will see that the disagreeing Democrats always in the end vote with their Party. There are many RINOS, there seem to be no DINOS.

  4. Peter I couldn’t agree more. This is called elder abuse. And shame on his family for letting this happen. Don’t tell me he wants this. Most of the time he doesn’t have a clue to what he is talking about.

  5. he Return of the Donald wiser about the DC swamp knowing now the democrats have no principles, morals, or ethics they think nothing of lying, saying what people want to here only, in the game for personal financial gratification We all know now that the democrats can’t govern just look at the status of our Country. Trump. is still a business man, what our Country needs, not the self interest groups of the DC swamp playing a game of power, control and of course money. Mr. Trump will have my vote hope the rest of the Country feels the same way, we need hard people in office who honor our Constitution, their oath of office and be of service to the America people. America first is the call too arms for our future, energy free, no shortages. The corruption must stop or else we will have no United States.


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