Is He Serious..?



Somebody needs to get Biden a “Make China Great Again” hat !!

Biden before elections: “Conservatives are domestic terrorists!!”
Biden after elections: “How about an amnesty instead of looking into my Russian and Ukrainian connections, my son’s laptop, my sexual assault accusation from my own employee and how I fired her after she didn’t just go with it…Can’t we all just get along?”


  1. What a senile,lying,racist,sexperv,frail,old,puppet,fool,u haven’t tried to get along with anyone. U think, u and hunter can do any kind of deals, through connections,why serving the American people, and selling our country out.Investigation, is needed for a criminal cartel doing underhanded dirty businesses,under government disguise.Now u want to work together,don’t think so clown.

    • This conservative would love to step into the ring with poopypants senile stupid Joe and royally F him up so bad even a hospital wouldn’t take him in.

  2. Joe I have been waiting for this day to come. You know that you democrats stole the election. You are the ANTIPOTUS, and any law you passes should be dissolved. Anything you did was not allowed by our constitution. You are a want to be, communist, an enemy that should be shot at sunrise. You stole from honest citizens, foreign nations, and have been on China’s payroll forever. You son, should be placed right in front of you when you are shot. And you want to do away with cash, and start with a communist tracking token, well you are not touching anybodies money. The whole population with raid you home, armed to the teeth, to hang you by the balls. Every democrat that went along with your asshole ideas should be loaded on an oil tanker, towed out to sea, and torpedoed, by Donald Trump. You know nothing about guns, because anything you say about them is wrong. All of you dems are afraid of the public with guns, because it will be open season for idiots week, and all of you are the idiots. Yea Joe, I’m sorry that I’m so hard on you, but I just think we should place you out in the far west woods, without food, and water. I am so sure that Bigfoot will take care of you, one way or another.

  3. This jerk is a remnant of the old days, crooks, mobs, creeps, rapists, everything wrong with mankind. And they got away with it. Times are changing, Gramps, and it’s time for you to go and take your tokens with you. You have not united anything; you have caused the reinstitution of segregation. since whites are now hated, thanks to you and your agenda, we are back to the 50’s.. Right on. I DO want my OWN hood, stores, theaters, cafes, because I DO prefer my OWN. SO, mission accomplished, you bent over, decrepit old fart. We used to get along, and now? It will take decades to fix what you have wrought.

  4. I am so disgusted with the Biden /Harris freak show! I am tired of watching as our America is turn into a third world . I hate seeing the crime and the Border situation getting worst no help insite. Biden is trashing our beautiful nation and The people voting for are blind as they can be, Like puppets with no mind of their own. Government force our people to take a drug for covid. Why are they so intense on force this into our vain? People are still dying for this covid and shots and booster. It is like they want to force American into some zombie type state to follow them. TO do everything They say. No questions? Who wants to live like this. Communism has failed over and over again. It appears that Democratic leader and Biden/Harris is forcing it on us. Why? it will fail just like it has nation after nation. I guess America needed to feel pain after everything America has interfere in Nations, caused war. Now we have to pay? Biden is our punishment.


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