DA Makes Embarrassing Admission — Trump Case Takes Turn



There’s a big difference between prosecuting something illegal that someone is caught doing, and spending 7 years and millions of tax dollars looking for anything that you might be able to pin on them just because you don’t like them.

They need to subpoena Alvin Bragg and put him under oath and question him, Donald Trump needs to sue him for malicious prosecution, slander and Defamation of character


    • I fully agree. I like Trump but sometimes he gets carried away with his personal ego and should be focusing on how he’s going to clean up the mess that old poopypants senile stupid Joe has made plus plans on putting old stupid Joe in front of a firing squad.

      • It’s part of the 5D chess. Trump does something that looks really crazy, like COVFEFE, and while the MSM is going ballistic about it, he is off doing something like Abraham Accords or China tariffs — unimpeded by whacky press. Fun to watch.

  1. Yes, Trump should sue the DA Bragg for all the things he has done against Trump and his most decent presidency we have ever had in my 78 years of life! We have never had such a president before that is not a member of the swamp. We need him now more than ever to preserve our way of life and protect our Constitution from the nit picking left. To me they are liars, criminals and thugs. I would never vote for anyone in their corrupt party.

  2. Alvin Braggs is like so many many other democrats. completely corrupt and passed the point of any realistic way of being value added to society. He need life in prison with hard labor. His entire staff needs ot be right next to him.


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