CNN SMACKS Biden’s Grin Off With DEVASTATING News!


CNN smacks Biden’s grin off with devastating news regarding the Inflation Reduction Act. Mike Huckabee reacts to this and more. Don’t miss the BREAKDOWN of the latest news!


Dear Governor, ONLY in our dreams are we paying less. We dream that President Trump is in power but then we wake up to a real nightmare.

Lived through the disastrous Carter years. Biden’s disaster is coming much faster and looks to be much worse.


  1. All groceries are higher. 10 to 30 percent hire. All services up 50 percent. Electric up 75 percent. No gain on 401k or pensions. Insurance, cars and gas higher. Interest rate higher. Biden has ruined our border and filled our country with 4 million illegal immigrants, criminals, Terriorists, and worst of all fentanyl and illegal drugs. He is selling gas reserves to China. Impeach him before we don’t have a country. Lawlessness out of control.

    • Vote the bums out and get R’s in so impeachments can begin:
      Joe Biden
      Kamala Harris
      Alejandro Mayorkas
      Chuck Schumer
      Nancy Pelosi

      I am sure there are others, but these are priorities.

  2. all the money to ukraine waste waste the joker zelinsky is grinning
    and stop report all the dead
    it’s a war what do you think is going to happen you think their throwing cotton balls at each other
    and the illegals sucking up our food housing money our taxpayers money
    and the drugs coming in let biden have some and the rest of his gang of thieves all robbing us blind taxes taxes and watch how many MORE taxes coming after midterms if they should win for then we are SCREWED so all you demoncrats how vote you will be paying like the rest forever higher never ending the rest of your life
    so think before you vote
    what do you want freedom or a dictator taxes


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