CCP Donated $54 Million To Him?!



I love how the media calls money to politicians “donations” when it’s ACTUALLY a bribe!

Say, isn’t it illegal to bribe politicians in America with money from foreign nations? Guess we know what happened to the strategic reserve.


  1. Could this be payment to Biden be to open our southern border and allow Chinese produced Fentynal to flow into our country??? After all drug addict Hunter Biden is on the payroll of Chinese corporations although he has no experience to hold such positions. Connect the damn dots people. Joe Biden is certainly no humanitarian so why does he keep the border open and even refuses to discuss it.

  2. Simple Larry Solomon, he is a democratic dictator and a traitor to our country. Why else would he be using Hitlers play book and doing everything he can to over ride the constitution and remove ALL firearms from the hands of Americans not to mention breaking the law by allowing and financing PP to murder unborn babies. He is not trust worthy, honest, but a bold faced liar.

  3. Biden is a real piece of shit i hope he goes down as a traitor i’m so tired of these people running are country think they are above the law the clintons all of them .They don’t watch it will have a civil war no one taking my guns.We need to fire all them bums in office an rehire people an they can only stay in office 4 yrs max not make a 40 yr career out of it an get rich the whole world is so screwed these days oh ya lets not leave out we have vets sleeping on the streets an we are sending massive cash to other countrys

  4. Taking a bribe like that could be called Treason! Trial him, give him the death penalty, and put his execution on Pay TV. No Blanks in those rifles.


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