Black Adult Film Girl Claims Native Americans Are White Supremacists Because Blacks Are Natives



The term: “RACIST” has been rendered utterly meaningless by people like this.

It’s incredible to see more and more individuals competing to be considered the most oppressed group.


  1. Well, I guess the entire slavery thing goes out the window. If blacks were already here I guess the euros didn’t need to go to Africa and buy blacks from other tribes that enslaved them and then sold them to people around the world. Somehow they want us to think the African sales were simply sunbathing and a bunch of Americans kidnapped them they were already in the US were had no need to buy the, from euro slavers. Wow, when you wants to make up your own bs you get pissed when everyone thinks you are an idiot.

  2. When are the Egyptians going to pay reparations to Jews? How about Italians to everyone in europe? And on and on… If 1619 was the year slavery was created in North America why are you not going to the British for reparations? Almost 200 years of slavery under the brits but only80 years before the US was able to finally get rid of it at the expanse of hundreds of thousands of lives to make it happen?

  3. My non-black, non-Jewish, Orthodox Catholic white relatives in Eastern Europe were lined up and SHOT for being an “ethnic minority” that Adolph Hitler didn’t like and later had to change their names as Mussolini deemed them sub human if they retained their original sirname, ..So where do I go to collect my check. To the Germans, The Italians????? The POPE…. WHO? WHERE?? I am sooooooooooooo DAMN SICK of the BLACK pity party… The only thing they are actually good at is self-pity. They want to be seen… I refuse to look, I’m so over the whine. Its like a barking DOG. At first you go to see what the ruckus is all about ,but after days, weeks , months,,,,,, you just want to shoot the damn thing and have some peace.

  4. This whore is a perfect example of black trash and why the KKK will never go away. Idiots like this tramp make good recruiters for the KKK. It’s like this idiot, and others like her, want racism to exist so the KKK and the Neo Nazis will stay in business just so this poor little black whore can cry a river over racism. These are the blacks who not only run down whites, but are also bigots against Hispanics, Asians, and now American Indians. Her’s a bit of history for this trampy idiot, there were at least 2 full regiments of black soldiers who fought against the American Indians after the Civil War. Maybe some of THOSE blacks were responsible for Sand Creek, Washita, and Wounded Knee where American Indian woman and children and old men were massacred.

  5. why does anyone even listen to people like her?

    I guess on the bright side that makes whites natives too and we can stop providing to any support to the other natives.

  6. She is a prime example of the foul mouth blacks of today look at the show on tv today BMF, Ghost Power Books and how they promote gangs ,drugs, gun violence. I read a story that the blacks who where born here in U.S. have only like .00001% of any tires to Africa plus for you people I retired from the prison system (CDCR) in Calif she talks and acts like the black inmates. You wonder why their are problems with the races she is a perfect example why. Where is the outcry from Water, Lee, Sharpton, Jackson because they feel the same way she does and just like the indoctrinated youth from POS teachers of today.

  7. The Africans should have to pay reperations to the American blacks,they were the ones who sold them into slavery.There own people,don,t beleive it read your history book.Somehow this fact gets swept under the rug during Black History week/month/might as well say year.

  8. My husband is part USA Native American Blackfoot and he’s white. Someone was rude once and walked up to him asking what tribe he was from. My husband didn’t say a word, just kept walking. He’s also part Scottish. Not all tribes were dark skin tone. We are all “Shades of Brown”.


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