You’re Not Going To F*cking Believe This



During a vaccination season: Patient: Does it guarantee immunity? Doctor: Only for the manufacturers.

We don’t want the governments apologies, we want them to stay out of our lives and not infringe on our free speech or other constitutional rights. Good job Russell. My new fav podcast, entertaining and accurate.


  1. In addition to everyone deep-sixing Compulsory vaccination and even ending ignoring those who had the disease, listen to everyone’s studies. I read recently that Denmark had a study and based on those results – recommend no vaccines for those under 50. Their findings were that the vaccine had more bad side effects for those in that age group than the VIRUS!! They have known from the beginning that children were not at risk unless they had “underlying health issues”!! Where did common sense and integrity go from the upper levels of bureaucracy????!! NO MORE COMPULSORY VACCINES for this virus in order to go to school and/or hold one’s job. Rehire all those forced out!!

  2. after having the vaccination ( both doses ) then having CCP-covid, five flavors so far,…. then finding DELAYED (yep they delayed releasing information on side effects and efficacy ) government notice of adverse side effects, and then seeing Tony “faucet mouth” fauci, in his latest hearings about not “having the TIME” to test for side effects in the latest vaccine, I think I’ll take the flu shot and blow-off any other government vaccines, …. after all I am NOT THAT OLD, not quite 70, I have another fifty years by gods Estimation, and if I DO NOT allow Cho Bai din or nasty P.’s Interference I’ll make it fine

  3. “Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee and its likely chairman next year if the GOP wins control of Congress, told Just the News on Thursday night that he has secured cooperation from at least two of Hunter Biden’s former business associates, who have authenticated that Hunter Biden’s strategy was to help China secure U.S. oil and gas interests,” JTN reports. NOW WE KNOW WHY THE BIG GUY WAS SELLING OFF OUR NATIONAL RESERVE TO CHINA 10% JOE…..


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