Trump ATTACKS Candace Owens, HUGE MISTAKE!



I hope so much our side doesn’t start eating itself like the Left does. Please God don’t let that happen.

Trump has had so many people he trusted backstabbing him, he doesn’t even question it anymore. ☹️
Love you Candace


  1. I feel for Candace. This movie he wanted, but it doesn’t seem to be going his way. Yes, the devil is very entrenched in our world, and Jesus is the cure. People putting pics of Trump up as king, the savior of mankind, etc, doesn’t help either. He may be high IQ, but that doesn’t mean he can abandon common sense. All we can do is continue to pray.

    • Amen!! I am a Trump all the way person, who i believe is the greatest president of my 75 years and maybe the greatest of all time, “BUT” without God it is all futile!! I believe we Americans have gone over the cliff, we are a horrible, sinful, atheist country that have thrown God out of our government, schools, home, church!! What can you expect!! Where God is not Satan is!!! I want Trump as president, but if we do not repent for our sins as a nation it makes no difference!! Mark 11:22!!! Ultra MAGAN

  2. Time for NEW LEADERSHIP!!! We need a calming and younger leadership. Don’t get me wrong I voted twice for President Trump and I really don’t want to a third time. He’s acting like a teenage boy who’s girlfriend suggested dating other people. IT”S TIME FOR CALM and already he’s stirring things up.

  3. I echo the host and his views of Trump. I have voted for him twice and would probably vote for him again IF he is the nominee. However, I sincerely pray he backs off and does not run and I personally would support DeSantis at the top of the ticket. The fact that Trump has chosen to criticize DeSantis, Youngkin , Candace Owens and others exposes his greatest flaw……his extreme ego and his failure to shut up and let his supporters talk for him.

  4. It doesn’t matter how great America is, if we abandon GOD in the mean time, we are doomed,wake up america our time is very short. DJT needs to quit attacking his supporters, u don’t need anymore enemies, we need allies.

  5. Come on people, let’s quit with the comment about Trump is the savior, etc. He never has said these things. He is for God, America and Americans’. Bottom line Was America and Americans better under the Trump administration? If your eyes are open to the truth well there’s only one answer – YES. I am a Christian and love God he is our Savior. Past is the past is everyone including Christians going to continue the criticism. Is anyone perfect? No. At least I know Trump will not allow this sick agenda of America to continue. A vote for Trump is a vote for America under God.


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