Transgender Alleges TSA Agent Punched Them In Their Female Testicles



I heard the TSA agent yell, “This is MAGA country, Jussie!”

Try being in the workplace with these folks. It is CONSTANT whining and entitlement and HR sides with them even when they are wrong. It’s sickening.


  1. An indicator of the Leftist/Progressive insanity pervading our country today. Mara is not a woman regardless of what he says/thinks. He is a male in need of psychiatric assistance.

    • So true it really dose need psychiatric help It is not a woman. Women do not have testicles, only me. Men do not have virginas only women.

  2. You dress as a female and cry they treat you different, if you still got your junk and say your a female sets off red flags. Even you Trans can’t be that stupid not to understand this. With all the BS going in in the country you have to play it straight to save lifes, specially on plains. A man saying he’s female and pregnant could carry anything on a plain indangering all on the Plane. Think befor acting so damn stupid. It’s not just about you .

  3. No such thing as female testicles you idiot. Whoever told you that was lying to you. I bet over half of these men that want to be known as female, heard that their junk had to be removed to claim that, would say NO WAY. They want to keep their junk. Many are only perverts just to get in female spaces, bathrooms, showers, locker rooms and other places.

  4. If you have the genitalia of a gender yet claim to be the other, there are other issues that need to be dealt with. If you have both sets, then you are a hermaphrodite. The rest are beliefs, not actual genders.

  5. 5150!!
    and it’s not because you’re a transvestite it’s because you want to be both. Make a decision one way or another go with it, then keep your mouth shut we don’t wanna hear it. Sorry to inform you but you’re less than a sliver of the population, but always a thorn in my side!

  6. you know how you know the guy/woman in this story is full of schiff? because he cried in the bathroom for an hour.

    I have played thousands of hours of sports: rugby, football, wrestling, baseball, basket bat, tennis, handball, and others. i was a professional ski racers for 10 years. I have been kneed, kicked, hit, and had skis hit in in the balls. does it hurt? yup for somewhere between two and 15 minutes. then you get up and go back to what you were doing.

    Just last week I was tearing apart and old building and got a 2×4 in the nuts. yup sat down for about 10 minutes after that.

    To spend an hour crying is not due to pain. it is due to know you have made a mess of your life and you need a new direction. The TSA agent did him a favor.

    By the way I feel sorry for TSA workers. people hate them and it is just their job.


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